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Welcome to dosemu2 home page

dosemu2 is a virtual machine that allows you to run DOS programs under linux. It was started as an attempt to re-incarnate the famous dosemu project under GPLv2+ license (dosemu1 license is controversial), but have grown into an entirely new project with different ideas, goals and code. Also it has a much wider scope than dosemu1 had: instead of just being a virtual machine, we also develop our own 64-bit DOS (see full list of our projects).

dosemu2 aims to be secure, fast and feature-rich emulator, built around the most modern technologies available.

Get source code

You can get source code from git repository with the following command:
git clone
or browse the repository .

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daily-built binary packages for ubuntu
daily-built binary packages for fedora
daily-built binary packages for openSUSE

Support or Contact

If you have any problem, you can report bug or ask for help in our forum or send e-mail to our mailing list .